With the Digitize Only service, we will photograph, edit and digitize your artwork.  We will store the images on a USB flash drive and deliver that flash drive to you.  With the artwork on a flash drive, you are free to use the images to create anything you like, with any service you choose.  With the Create a Book service, once we digitize and edit your artwork, we will create a book for you.  Of course, you will also get a USB flash drive with your images when you create a book. 

On our pricing sheet, we provide costs for delivering the artwork to us, digitizing the artwork, as well as creating books.  With different options available, you can tailor the scope of your project to meet any budget.  Remember, to create a book, you must also look at the delivery and digitize prices to get a total project cost.  Your From the Heart Specialist will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely not! Our Concierge Services, while designed to take nearly all the work and decisions off your shoulders, are completely optional. Many parents or caregivers are simply too busy to do anything more than collect the art and deliver it to us. Our Concierge Services are designed for those parents and caregivers – simply get us your art and we will take care of the rest.
Our 100 photograph option is the smallest bundle we offer, any order smaller than 100 pieces of art would still be priced at the 100 photo price. However, we encourage you to include additional photos for us to edit and include in your package. Pictures of your kiddos making the art, photos of art from multiple school years or photos of the art displayed in your house are some ways to enhance your art image collection for future memories.

Yes!  Combining images from multiple children or from multiple school years is a great way to take advantage of the volume discounts that we offer. 

Once again, Yes!  If you have artwork from different children and you would like to create several different books, just let us know how to divide the artwork and we can create different books for you.  The cost for an additional book is on our pricing sheet.

While there is no minimum, we do not design books with fewer than 20 pages.  Our books can hold a maximum of approximately 300 pieces.  If you send more than 300 pieces we will work with you to design a multiple book collection. 

Every piece is counted separately. If there is writing/a drawing on the front and back of a page, that counts as two pieces. However, unlike other services, we use our “mom-expertise” to make some decisions for you.  We do not want your artbooks to become too expensive so we will make some decisions on your behalf to save you money.  While it takes a little bit longer for us to review the artwork and be certain to include everything important, we do not want you to pay for pages that might be overly repetitive or have just a little bit of scribble. 

Absolutely! While we hope to create beautiful keepsake artbooks, without breaking the bank, if you want to have absolutely everything included we are happy to do that for you. If you trust us to capture the creativity and memories of your child’s artwork, without photographing everything, we can do that as well.

Once again, absolutely!  In fact, this is our most popular option.  Many parents and caregivers want everything photographed, edited and saved in a digital format to cherish forever, but wish to have us select, in our expert opinion, only the best pieces to display in an artbook.  This gives you the best of both worlds – everything is available to you as a digital image and you get a prized keepsake artbook that does not cost a fortune.  Digitizing 300 images and creating a 200 image book is a popular option! 

If you live in the St. Louis, Missouri area, contact us to set up a meeting date. If you live anywhere else in the United States, request a From the Heart shipping kit and ship anything that fits, carefully wrapping anything breakable. As a true boutique service, we will take the time to collect your artwork, help you select what type of book you would like created and answer any questions you have.

Our 100 photograph option is the smallest bundle we offer, any order smaller than 100 pieces of art would still be priced at the 100 photo price. However, we encourage you to include additional photos for us to edit and include in your package. Pictures of your kiddos making the art, photos of art from multiple school years or photos of the art displayed in your house are some ways to enhance your art image collection for future memories.

No, not every piece gets its own page. We typically design books to average 3 pieces of artwork on every page. Sometimes one page will showcase four or five smaller pieces of artwork, other times one piece will get a full page. If you have certain pieces that you would like to see on their own page, you can request those changes during the proofing process. If you would like strictly one piece of artwork per page, please let us know. There may be an additional fee for that request.

We encourage you to add your flourishes and touches to the books, especially the title!  If there are special quotes or notes you would like us to add in the book, we would love to get that information from you.  Because we can take care of everything, there is no need for you to give us any input, but we are happy to get as much, or as little, input from you as you would like. 

Absolutely! It just depends on how much time you have to work on this project. Most parents or caregivers are just too busy and that is why we created this service. Once we receive your artwork, your order is assigned to one of our digital professionals to properly light and photograph each piece of art. During the edit phase we will color correct and crop, as needed. We upload the finished images to your USB flash drive and create books for you, if you ordered the Create a Book option.  We created the Digitize Only option for those parents that want to create their own books but don’t have the time or ability to photograph and edit all of the artwork.  Remember, we want to help you save your time, eliminate the stacks of artwork cluttering your home, and create a lifetime of memories and gifts for your house, your relatives and, of course, your artist. 

Yes, there are other companies that offer similar services to us.  However, none of these services offer the careful, detailed and flexible process that we offer.  Want to make your book smaller    to save money – we can do it!  Want to add photographs that you or a teacher took of your child creating making the art – we can do it!  Want to digitize all your artwork but make a smaller book with only some of artwork – we can do it!  Want to be heavily involved or completely hands off?  We can accommodate it all.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are a million ways we are different! 

You are welcome to send anything that can safely fit in the shipping kit and can be photographed: cards, schoolwork, photos, trophies, pottery, 3D artwork, etc. Make sure all fragile items are wrapped well to avoid damage during transit.

Yes.  We can definitely add photographs that you have taken or that teachers have sent to you.  Seeing pictures of our kids, hard at work creating their masterpieces, is a creative way to add a special, personal touch to your keepsake memory book.  Likewise, if you curate your grandmother’s recipes into a recipe book, adding pictures of her cooking, at holidays, or just in the kitchen, helps add a special touch to these family treasures.  We can set up a Google Drive for you to upload some photos you would like us to include, just ask for details. 

Absolutely!  If you want to keep the original artwork, for a small fee we can deliver it to you when we deliver your finished projects.  If you would like us to discard your artwork and deliver back only the finished projects, we can take care of that as well. 

If you order the Digitize Only service, we can usually deliver the USB flash drive within two weeks of receiving your artwork. The Create a Book service typically takes four to six weeks from start to finish. For a fee, we do try to accommodate rush requests. If you need your order expedited, please let us know.

To start, all you pay for is the shipping kit or in person meeting fee.  After we receive your artwork, we will confirm how many pieces of art have been received and once you agree, we will invoice you for the digitize fee, based on the number of pieces.  If you are creating a book as well, we will invoice you separately for the book, once you approve the proof.  This flexibility that is not offered by other services, gives you the ability to make your book larger or smaller, to help meet any budget you have in mind. 

All sales are final.  There are no replacements or changes once you approve your proof.  If a book arrives defective or damaged, please take photographs of both the packaging and product, and email us right away so we can replace it.